Horizon for the office products industry
ECi Horizon
ECi Horizon software is designed specifically for the Office Products Industry and is popular among Dealers who want to achieve cost savings and operational improvements.

Horizon Features

Horizon from ECi BlueSky offers something for every department of your business to help staff work faster, more accurately, more efficiently and enables the business to be more effective as a whole.

Benefits of Horizon include:

  • Makes the buying experience easier for your customers
  • Reduces the number of calls to your sales and accounts departments
  • Allows you to perform targeted marketing and proactively follow-up and measure results
  • Enables you to easily compare supplier prices including retros
  • Alleviates the headache of managing customer contracts
  • In-built management analysis - pivot table, grids, charts with gap analysis / summary totals, period on period variance - all configurable to dealer choice
  • Full drilldown and re-entrant design means operators are more efficient
  • Industry standard SQL database
  • Most repetitive tasks can be automated and simplified with templates
  • Automated offsite and local backups for peace of mind
  • Full web integration, as each user adds items to the cart, they are visible in Horizon

Horizon has a vast array of features to increase your efficiency:

Pricing Management

  • Supports a multitude of pricing permutations including cost-plus, RRP discount, matrix pricing, as well as price bands, customer-specific discounts and contract pricing
  • Set quantity-break pricing for selected items
  • Protect your margins by pushing items that yield the highest return
  • Price Manager allows you to manipulate contract and catalogue pricing on mass
  • Advanced user-defined import features enabling users to load and update contracts and catalogues from suppliers with brand information, competitor’s prices etc etc

Order Management

  • See the last price a customer paid for a product
  • View multiple orders at once
  • Convert quotes to orders or copy a quote
  • Automatically create backorders when partially completed orders are shipped
  • E-mail order acknowledgements directly to customers
  • From any document you can see any documents that are linked i.e. delivery note, invoice, return or credit note
  • Separate order forms per end user client
  • Order merging to save the dealer delivery charges and end-user pick and wrap charges etc

Sales Management

  • Easy to see view on profit margins and order values on one simple screen
  • Holds unlimited customer, product and sales history all readily available at order entry
  • Compare current period/year against previous with simple pivot table routines
  • Configurable graphing and drill down saved as templates for management quick review
  • Pivots can be dropped straight into excel for further manipulation
  • Individualised daybook grids per user or user group with field totalling and full sorting capabilities

Stock Management

  • Ensure accurate stock records through automatic allocations
  • Obtain accurate stock valuations
  • View future demands on your current stock
  • Interactive stock management showing over/under stock, and split packs
  • Real time stock updates across multiple branches
  • Instant access to full history per product with drilldown
  • Perpetual inventory and advanced stock control management facilities
  • Standard and FIFO costing as well as other costing methods supported

Purchasing Management

  • Create purchase orders from sales orders and transmit to your preferred suppliers
  • Create manual purchase orders for miscellaneous items
  • Automatic match and post of supplier purchase orders
  • Track all outstanding orders, including backorders
  • Supplier and delivery method can be selected at order line level, allowing some items to be sent directly from supplier, whilst others may we delivered from stock
  • Stock enquire a whole shopping list prior to ordering items to reduce backorders
  • Multiple delivery methods allowed per sales order which reduces number of orders that need to be added onto the system and also enables line by line purchasing.

Contract Management

  • Price Manager allows you to manipulate contract pricing and catalogue prices en masse for single, ranges of products or many combinations i.e. allows you to review contracts where the overall margin has dropped i.e. allowing you to automatically uplift all paper products by 2% etc. Single contracts or whole ranges can be imported exported and manipulated i.e. to show sales against each product to enable you to make informed decisions on what to change
  • Use the unique Contract Wizard to project actual profitability against sales for contract renewals and profitability
  • Swap class facility to reclassify contracts and quotes based upon anther class. i.e. swap the items on a copy of the original quote/contract to the economy brand, recyclable or the equivalent 5 star items for example
  • Survey Tool support allowing actual Usage data to be loaded to support Customer Reviews and tendering This useful tool allows the dealer to confidently calculate and show how much they could have saved the customer for a particular basket of products

Catalogue Management

  • Horizon takes care of catalogue files, mailers and supplier files
  • Provides the sales team with prompts to offer alternative, additional or substitute products to increase sales and profit opportunities
  • Gives your buyer the ability to compare supplier prices including “retros” to achieve the correct buying decision
  • View historical price changes per catalogue or per product with Rollback feature
  • Supports many distribution methods, public, private and limited distribution as well as exception lists for configuration at customer branch and single end user. Catalogues can be customised at end user/company level. This prevents a customer from selecting products that you would not wish to supply. For example if customer is in Isle of Sky, you would only show products for the supplier who can deliver there at a reasonable cost

Despatch Management

  • Automatic creation of picking lists
  • Ship goods to a customer from your own warehouse or define direct from supplier
  • Print shipping and packing labels when you process a customer's order
  • Add freight charges when you create a delivery note


  • Standard system reports give you all the key data you require covering all areas of the business from sales order entry to full financial accounts
  • Configure a ‘favourites’ list of your most used reports
  • Report Designer allows you to create reports to suit your individual requirements
  • Highlight transactions that have breached parameters i.e. high/low margin, credit checks etc
  • Turnover reports enable trading patterns to be monitored
  • Margin analysis allows you to monitor reps, accounts or products in detail or summary
  • Schedule reports to run at specific times – for internal use or to send to customers
  • Export the results to excel or email for further analysis
  • Presenter tool to push and auto refresh big screen reports to plasma screens or monitors in sales office
  • Automate report execution to staff and customers or allow direct access to any report via the web

System Security

  • Control user access to company information
  • View a complete audit trail of changes throughout the system
  • View the change type, date, user and view details of what changed

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Additional Features

Horizon can be customised to fit your unique business needs with the addition of specific modules.

Financial Management

Accounts Payable

  • Process creditor invoices and payments
  • Match a creditors invoice with the purchase order
  • View all transaction history for any supplier
  • Electronically send payment remittances to your suppliers
  • Historical age creditors reporting

Accounts Receivable

  • Generate invoices from delivery notes, eliminating data re-entry errors
  • Print, fax or e-mail invoices directly to customers
  • View all transaction history for any customer
  • Allocate customer payments to invoices including partial payments
  • Process cash, cheque, direct deposit and credit card receipts
  • Post miscellaneous cash receipts directly to a Nominal account, bypassing the debtors ledger
  • Monitor current status of the customer's account and set credit limits and undertake systematic credit control activities
  • Historical age debtors reporting

General Ledger

  • Maintain budgets for any account and year to improve financial analysis
  • Post transactions into prior and future periods
  • Create recurring entries for regular, fixed amount journals
  • Manage multiple companies within the same system with consolidated T/B
  • Create transactions which can be automatically reversed in the next period
  • Manage and reconcile multiple bank accounts and have multiple statements open

Multi-Currency Management

  • Define foreign currencies and their exchange rates relative to your home currency
  • Maintain exchange rates through the use of effective dates
  • Produce quotes and invoices for your customers in their own currency
  • Manage international purchases

Sales Management

Estimating & Quoting

  • Respond quickly to requests for quotes
  • Provide quotations containing multiple items with multiple price breaks per item
  • Control the margins for items to safeguards your business
  • Email, fax or print a professional looking quotation directly from your computer
  • Quotes are visible and can be ordered as soon as created on the web (Orders and Quotes entered either in Horizon or via the web are instantly visible in both horizon and the web ) i.e. if the customer asks for a quote on 10 Products as soon as that quote is created they can see it online

Point of Sale (EPOS) Tills

  • Sell your stocked items in your retail shop
  • Supports ‘special pricing’ agreed for account customers
  • Barcode recognition
  • Create cash, cheque, credit card or even charge account transactions
  • Process phone orders
  • Print, fax or email an order acknowledgement, packing slip and invoice
  • Maintain employee access to create an audit trail of point-of-sale activity
  • Reconcile Transactions
  • Integrates with till drawers and touch-screen technology


Fully integrated Web ordering solution allows your customers to choose when they order and how they order. It is not just a web ordering system – each user can be set-up to access pertinent information when they need it

  • Access to information when they need it – statements, backorders, copy invoices and reports
  • Manage their purchases by putting in buying control at user level
  • Reduces the number of calls to your sales and accounts departments
  • Customise the appearance of your website to suit your needs
  • No duplicate entry required – Live FEED
  • Super users can be set-up to control their own account maintenance i.e. add users, cost centres, orderpads etc.
  • Inifinite levels of authorisation by department or user, spend , off contract, user

Relationship Management

Call Management/CRM/Marketing

  • Record communications with prospects, customers and suppliers including sent and received emails
  • Set call types to record pre-sales activity or post-sales questions
  • Prioritise calls to identify accounts requiring close attention
  • Create Alerts for telesales call operators to trigger questions
  • Create follow up calls and tasks
  • Create new trader (customer/supplier), contact and product user defined fields
  • Trader (customer/supplier) and contact groups features for analysing groups of customers via the reporting tools or targeting them through Horizon web
  • Full campaign management for the creation of HTML mailshots via the Horizon query designer and html designer. Follow up mailshots via system generated call lists and publish the campaigns live on Horizon web

Lead Management

  • Document all activities in the pre-sales process
  • Create marketing campaigns to send by email and systematically follow up
  • Create leads for all product enquiries
  • Use the shortcuts to quickly create a quote or an order
  • Track performance of email campaigns checking when each has been read

Additional Tools at your Disposal

Deliveries Management

  • Manage your entire delivery management operations
  • Significantly improve customer service while reducing operational costs
  • Capture signatures electronically and eliminate delivery paperwork and the associated costs
  • Immediately confirm deliveries online without having to search for paperwork; quickly resolve billing disputes
  • Verify delivery status while the customer is still on the telephone
  • POD Enquiry screen shows the items that have been delivered and any that have not
  • Quickly view complete delivery information, including dates, times, and captured signatures

Business Intelligence Tools (Acsellerate)

  • Improve margin with item and contract analysis
  • Recognise cross-selling and upselling opportunities
  • Deliver powerful, world-class business reviews
  • Benchmark customers, sales reps and product segments against each other or prior periods
  • Track performance to goals on key business metrics
  • Manage leads through the sales pipeline
  • Easily monitor sales tasks and activities

Managed Print (MPS) Services (FMAudit)

  • Automate remote meter reading and managed print services
  • Identify sales opportunities for equipment that is not under contract
  • Utilise supply alerts for timely supply replenishment
  • Provide true cost of ownership when proposing solutions to customers
  • Remotely install, maintain and update software with limited IT staff involvement

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Why Horizon

  • Your customers will enjoy the Horizon-Web experience
  • Your staff will notice the ease of use through the screen layout
  • Multiple screens for you and your staff without the need for extra licenses
  • Quotes and contracts are handled seamlessly and automatically across the system
  • Purchasing from your suppliers is handled electronically with additional multiple stock enquiries
  • Fast and accurate information at the touch of a button
  • Your business will become more efficient and allows you to concentrate on running the business without distraction
  • Our customers are very satisfied with the way Horizon and Horizon Web has improved their businesses
  • Horizon provides accurate an on-time management information enabling you to see the bigger picture

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Training & Support


We work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition to Horizon and our training comprises a combination of Web-based and ‘onsite’ training with key member of you team. We recommend that you assign a Project Leader who will take the responsibility of the implementation of the system within your company and we will ‘hand-hold’ during your first few weeks of taking the system live in your business.


ECi BlueSky is committed to your success. One of our support team will be assigned as your dedicated Account Manager. This individual is responsible for ensuring your success and helping you maximise your return on investment with ECi Horizon.

Horizon maintenance includes unlimited telephone and online support, and all software updates. You will also receive a secure login for our online customer portal. From here you can; access software updates, view and track calls, view support contracts, log on new calls and view the knowledge base.


Training is a major contributor to the successful implementation and optimisation of your software. We are committed to providing you with the tools and support necessary to ensure your success, including education. You can choose from a full range of classes for on-site training or online classes to learn the various aspects of your system. Our training staff draws upon a wide range of experiences that help tie the classroom to the business world. The quality education you receive provides the opportunity for you to become self-sufficient in the use of your system.

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