Horizon for the office products industry
ECi Horizon
ECi Horizon software is designed specifically for the Office Products Industry and is popular among Dealers who want to achieve cost savings and operational improvements.

Customer Testimonials

After trying a few software alternatives, Eureka deployed ECi Horizon because of its flexibility. Our telesales work underpins the business and the ECi software gives us the control we need during the sales process, which feeds on to the rest of the business processes. The big benefit is being able to utilise one piece of software for all our needs. Plus, there’s room for expansion, which is key for our future vision.

Darren Morris, Director – Eureka Office Supplies, Essex

We have recently moved to the Horizon BlueSky system as it gives us greater control and visibility over our group. It is a very intuitive product with great versatility. Some of the features have been really well thought through and save us so much processing time.

Russell Harrison, MD – HB Group, Derby

Horizon has enabled D3 with complete transparency of information and a reliable audit trail. The we offering also gives us a stable and classy online ordering platform that’s easy to manage and maintain.

Paul Ramsden, D3 Office Group (Hull and Leeds)

Horizon was the business platform of choice due to its end-to-end business process integration and time-saving functionality. It’s good to see even more new features coming through.

Martin Kent, ACS Business Supplies

Changing from our paper-based system whilst remaining fully operational was a step we looked at with trepidation; however, from day one - the demonstration - we were put at ease and the whole process just flowed. Horizon is a fully- integrated business management system and it has increased our efficiency and transformed the way we run our business.

Ian Gardiner, CPS Office Supplies

There are a number of software packages within the industry that would adequately run the business of Offizone, though none we believe have such a comprehensive and inclusive suite of programs as the Horizon application. The Horizon team are knowledgeable and friendly and have been tremendously supportive throughout the process of change. We firmly believe in developing partnerships with our suppliers and this has the makings of a partnership that will run and run. We are thrilled to be operating the Horizon software and can truly recommend the product to other dealers.

Jamie Hillary, Offizone

Since going live with Bluesky’s Horizon software I can honestly say that we haven’t looked back. The system is intuitive, fast and easy to operate. We seem to find something new every day that either helps us make more money or save cost. The team is extremely helpful and handled our system transfer in a smooth, calm and professional manner. The complete integration of Horizon web has really got customers and sales staff excited, as it offers so much speed and flexibility, but it’s the whole Horizon package that has won us over. – Well done guys and girls!

Martin Shaw, D3 Office

Hobbs office supplies have been through a variety of software packages in its 21 years of trading. I can honestly say that all of the staff and myself in particular are blown away with the Horizon software. The changeover was painless. From my personal point of view we have not just reduced our overheads and gained control and ownership of our company data but we have increased our turnover and efficiency. We have web-based ordering, electronic invoicing which has further increased efficiency and total support no matter what query arises. I have no hesitation in recommending Horizon to any stationery supplier and have been happy to talk to anyone who will listen about our new software.

Maria Kohlmann, Hobbs

Since changing systems, our efficiency has gone through the roof and we have seen big financial and working environment benefits. The level of service we receive is outstanding, and the BlueSky support team are a real credit to the company. We have recently implemented BlueSky's 'AutoMate' and 'Masternaut' modules. AutoMate sends our reports out at specified times, and has reduced our admin significantly each month. Masternaut has been a revelation and has enabled us to run paperless warehouse, with our customers electronically signing for their deliveries. This has improved our cash flow and customer services dramatically. It's a pleasure to work with a company who are as passionate about our business as we are.

Tim Clixby, Heatons

I can’t praise the BlueSky people enough. They have worked with our staff really well, they are down to earth and although they are there to support us at the end of the phone, I am actually going to miss them. They practically became part of our team. We went home on Monday, came into the office on Tuesday morning and we were up and running. The data conversion was seamless, the systems did everything we needed them to do for normal day-to-day trading and purchasing and we had no delays to our normal routines. We even had customers ordering on-line using Horizon-Web at 9 o’clock that morning. To anyone that has a dealership and wants to use their IT more effectively, I would have no hesitation in recommending Horizon from BlueSky.

Gordon Profit, Citrus

We needed something that would help grow the business and manage all the relevant information under one package. So the move to a new program for us had not only to offer a full package, i.e. Online Ordering, Contact Management, Accounts (previously Sage) as well as all the standard features of sales and purchase, quotes and stock etc, BUT we needed to know we were dealing with sound, helpful decent people who are prepared to put our needs first. BlueSky was able to meet all our business needs, but also they were very friendly and helpful with any requirements we threw at them. They are very helpful in all areas and I am delighted to be a Horizon user. I have and will continue to recommend them to other companies.

Peter Collins, Connect

Prior to moving to Horizon we were having operational problems but as soon as we went live with the Horizon system we immediately regained control of our costs and order processing. Key benefits obtained are ease of use, reduction in time spent handling IT issues and using the sales and marketing tools available with the Horizon system. We would be delighted to talk to other dealers to answer any queries about changing over to Horizon from ECi BlueSky.

Chris Spooner, CPI

Since we introduced Horizon to the company, the product has enabled us to manage cost, accounts, sales and figures to a much higher level. This has enabled us to recognise gaps in our sales, customer base and product ranges, helping us to generate much higher levels of profitability.

Norman Couldry, Managing Director, Normans Office Supplies